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Characteristics of In-Situ Mold : It flows in scored / shaft / stem and reduces wear. Regardless of size and shape of the stuffing box it forms itself to the configuration of the stuffing box by remolding itself. In-Situ Mold eliminates the need for stocking various sizes and types of gland packing. In-Situ Mold is highly recommended for application where equipment shut down causes critical conditions. In-Situ Mold stick packing is made of interlocking PTFE fibre which are inert and unaffected by acids, oils, alkalies, various alcohols, aviation gasoline or common solvents.

In-Situ Mold stick packing does not require any special tools or complicated application techniques. In-Situ Mold is available in 1/2" equilateral triangle cross section x 2.1/2" length sticks for easy handling.

Advantages of In-Situ Mold :

  • Since it is in stick form, could be used with any size of Gland Packing.
  • Being a soft and mouldable material, reduces wear and tear.
  • Due to lubricating and fibrous material, it flows in the crevices / scoring.
  • Only magic material in the world for scored and pitted valve stem / shaft / sleeve.
  • In-Situ Mold reduces labour and down time resulting in additional savings.
  • An ideal solution for inventory control.
  • Emergency solution in non availability of exact size of gland packing.
  • Can be used between existing damaged gland packing.

(Covered Under Design Patent Registration No. 178198)

Structure : Composed of interlocking PTFE fibre, consumable lubricants and exfoliated Graphite for enhanced lubrication and heat dissipation.
Application : Recommended for boiler feed water pumps, pulp stock paper pumps, water ring vacuum pumps, fire fighting pumps in ships, ash slurry pumps in power plants, handling hydrocarbons in petrochemical plants, agitator reactor vessels, glass lined
reactors, autoclaves, vacuum driers, low pressure steam valves, flush bottom valves etc. Best suitable with Stoplik Style 7400/7499, 99, 99HC, 707 & 5588.

Service Parameter :
Temperature: 260°C pH range: 0-14
Shaft speed: 12m/s Pressure: max 320 kg/cm2

(Covered Under Design Patent Registration No. 178197)

Structure : Composed of 100% lubricating carbon fibre, exfoliated Graphite, high temperature and high pressure lubricants / proprietary synthetic binders.
Application : Recommended where shaft is scored and equipment is working at high temperature and high pressure. The inherent draw back associated with using pure carbon fibre of flexible tape/rings requiring stem/shaft finish of minimum 32 RMS is successfully overcome by using In-Situ Mold even on pitted valve stem or spindle. Best suitable with Stoplik Style 9001B and 9001C.

Service Parameter :
Temperature: 560°C pH range: 0-14
Shaft speed: 12m/s Pressure: max 380 kg/cm2

(Covered Under Design Patent Registration No. 178196)

Structure : Composed of interlocking PTFE fibre and consumable lubricants.
Application : Recommended for reactors, RVD's, mixers, scored shaft & valve stem etc. Best suitable with Stoplik Style 3400, 33, 303 and 4488.

Service Parameter :
Temperature: 260°C pH range: 0-14
Shaft speed: 5m/s Pressure: max 260 kg/cm2

(Valve Seal)

Structure : Stoplik Style 88 is expanded pure PTFE round core packing for valve application.
Physical Property : Made up of 100% pure expanded PTFE fibre PTFE are oriented in order to resist extrusion. It is flexible and soft, covers pittings and scorings of valve stem. It does not harden on use or size up with valve stem when not in operation, peels off easily when you want to change it and therefore does not require scrapping.
Application : Recommended for resistant to sea water and most chemicals. It has extremely low co-efficient of friction.
Sizes : 2 mm onwards in spool of 20 mtrs

Service Parameter :
Temperature : 260°C pH range : 0-14
Pressure : max 300 kg/cm2  


Structure : Stoplik Sealant Cord is a continuous PTFE cord with an adhesive backing that can be used in almost any gasket application. It is a soft, flexible fell and is extremely strong and durable.
Physical Property : Resistant to almost all chemicals (except free fluorine & molten alkali metals). Due to its soft, flexible properties,
it handles curves / contours and pitting while the adhesive backing holds it securely in place. Stoplik Sealant Cord in place takes only minutes. Removal of the sealant is simple. The flanges pull apart easily and the sealant is removed with scrapping.
Application : Recommended for all gasket applications including flange, valve, pump case, tank, heat exchanger, duct and compressor housing.

Service Parameter :
Temperature : 260°C pH range : 0-14
Pressure : max 300 kg/cm2  

Sizes available : Minimum packing is 1 spool ( 1 spool = 10 mtrs)
3 mm x 1.5 mm 5 mm x 2 mm 7 mm x 3 mm 10 mm x 3mm 12 mm x 4 mm 14 mm x 5 mm
17 mm x 6 mm 20 mm x 7 mm 20 mm x 10 mm 25 mm x 10 mm    
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