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Graphite Rings, Tape & Spiral Wound Gasket

(Spiral Wound Gasket)

FEATURES : Stoplik superior configuration design of the metal strips , gives innate resilience that permits the gasket to adjust automatically to change in operating conditions such as line pressure and thermal shocks, frequent or sudden vibrations , minor flange separations, fluctuating temperatures and pressures and works in almost all known toxic and corrosive fluids with a suitable combination of metal and filler.

APPLICATIONS : High pressure industrial Pumps, Valves, Oil, Steam, Gas pipelines joints, Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Mainhole, Tube cap assembly boilers & Nuclear reactors.

SIZES : Stoplik Spiral Wound Gaskets are manufactured in dimensions from 1 / 4 '' to 96 '' and thickness from 1/8 '' to 3/8'' Generally, gasket thickness is 0.175 '' and outer ring thickness is 0.125''. The Spiral Wound Gaskets are designed such that a bolt stress of 25000 psi for NPS ½”, NPS ¾” and NPS 1 inclasses 150, 300 and 600 and 30,000 psi for other sizes and classes will compress the gasket to a thickness of 0.130” (+/- 0.005”)

STANDARDS : API 601, BS 3381 B 16.20, And as per customer’s specifications.



(Serrated Gasket)

Stoplik Serrated Gasket is machined from solid metals in a variety of shapes. Stoplik Serrated Gasket are designed for high pressure,high temperature or highly corrosive applications by selecting the most suitable material and shapes. Stoplik Serrated Gasket are made of many kinds of metal.There are SS304 Serrated gasket, SS304L serrated gasket, SS316 serrated gasket, SS316L serrated gasket,carbon steel serrated gasket, copper serrated gasket, tinplate serrated gasket etc. Stoplik Serrated gasket can also be made of some special type of materias. The metal of serrated gasket is based on the temperature, preesure and liquid.

Stoplik Serrated Metallic Gasket consist of a metal core, generally stainless steel with concentric grooves on both sides. A sealing layer is usually applied on either side and depending on the service duty. The material for this layer can be expanded graphite, PTFE, asbestos free gasket sheeting materials or some soft metal. It can be used without sealing layers to provide an excellent sealing but there is a risk of flange surface damage especially at high seating pressure.

Stoplik Serrated Gasket is the preferred gasket when improved performance at low seating stresses is required. Stoplik Serrated Gasket features excellent anti-blow-out properties linked with the reliability of a solid metal-to -metal seal combined with a soft sealing face to provide a tighter joint. It is particularly suitable for applications where high temperature,pressures and fluctuating conditions are encountered. Non-metal cover layers ensure that flanges are not damaged even at extreme loads. This gasket is an ideal replacement of jacketed gaskets for heat exchangers,vessels, reactors and various flange connections.


(Ring Joint Gasket)

Stoplik Metallic Ring Joint Gaskets are heavy duly, high-pressure gaskets largely used in offshore petrochemical and natural gas industry applications. They are precision-engineered components designed to be used in conjunction with precisionmachined flanges. The Gaskets are available in R, RX, BX styles and in oval/octagonal profiles. Stoplik manufactures gaskets in accordance with specific tolerances on CNC machines. All our Ring Joints are manufactured according to ASME B16.20 – API Std 6A BS EN 12560-5


The metallic ring joint gaskets are manufactured according to the API 6 and ASME B16.20 standards for application at elevated temperatures and pressures. The small sealing area with high contact pressure results in great reliability. The contact surfaces of the gaskets and flange should be carefully processed. Some types of ring-joints are pressure activated, that is , the greater the pressure the better the sealability.


Stoplik Style 9000 Ring Joint Gasket
Our ring joint gaskets are machined from solid metal in a variety of shapes with high quality numerical control machines. They are designed for high pressure, high temperature or highly corrosive appications by selecting the most suitable materials and shapes.

Stoplik Style 9000 R Type Oval Ring Joint Gasket
A stansdard ring joint gasket with oval cross section and designed for flanges with standard ring joint grooves.

Stoplik Style 9000 R Type Octagonal Ring Joint Gasket
A standard ring joint gasket with octagonal cross section and designed for flanges with standard ring joint grooves. It is interchangeable with GA9201 oval section gasket on modern octagonal grooved flanges.



Stoplik Style 9000 RX Type Ring Joint Gasket
An adaptation of the standard R type ring joint gasket and designed to fit the same groove design as R type. It is interchangeable with the standard R type gaskets.




Stoplik Style 9000 BX Type Ring Joint Gasket
Desugbed for very high pressure. All BX gaskets incorporate a pressure balance hole to ensure equalization of pressure which may be trapped in the grooves. It is only suited for API BX flanges and grooves


Gaskets made of soft iron or low carbon steel materials are normally applied with anticorrosive oil in final production.

Zinc electroplating is also available on customer's special request with a higher cost.

Other metal materails are also available on request.


(Flexigraf Tapes, Self Sealing / Bonnet Seal Rings, Sheets & Gasket)

FEATURES : Flexigraf is made up of exfoliated Graphite, which can be moulded and compressed in to tapes or rings or gaskets as per the requirement with wire reinforcement or with out wire.

EQUIPMENT : Graphite tapes and rings are available for the entire range of uses for pumps and valves.

• Flexigraf is self lubricating at all operating temperatures from cryogenic temperature to those of molten metal, as it is not subjected to thermal expansions or contraction when heated.
• Flexigraf can with stand high temperature and pressure conditions.
• Flexigraf rings/ tape are non-corrosive and have resistance to chemical agents such as acids, solvents and hot oils.

APPLICATION : Recommended for steam, oxygen, thermic fluids, water, acids/ detergents, reactor cooling systems, ethylene, ethyleneoxide, hydrogen, organic/inorganic solvents, liquid oxygen and nitrogen, hydrocarbons, LPG/GASES and ammonia etc.

Temperature : 650 Deg. C. (in non oxidising areas upto 2750 Deg. C)
pH range : 0 – 14
Pressure : Upto 350 kg / cm2
Density : 1.6 gm / CC
Carbon Content : More than 99.5%
Ash Content : Less than 2 %
Leachable Chloride Content : Less than 50 ppm

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