Stoplik's Application Profile

Name Date
Full Address
Phone Fax
Plant Name    
Authorised Person Mobile
Type of equipment No. of similar equipment
Shaft Sleves diameter mm Rpm / stroke per min
No. of packing rings presently used    
Size mm Temperature C
Pressure (Reqd./Obtained) Kg/Cmsq Batch Duration
Cost of pressure drop Vaccum (Reqd./Obtained) mm of Hg
Cost of Vaccum Drop Rate of drop of Vaccum mm of Hg/hr.
Chemical Media Slurry Congealing Liquid  
pH Run out mm
Make & style of packing used Date of last installation
Leakage rate Frequency of replacement of packing set
Cost of leakage    
Condition of Sleeve / Plunger    
Length of gland pusher portion of gland follower mm    
Consumption of gland packing kg  
Clearance Between      
1. Neck bushing mm 2. Shaft OD & gland follower ID mm
3. Gland follower
OD & ID of stuffing box
Frequency of replacement of   Cost of replacement of  
1. Bearings    
2. Neck Bushing    
3. Sleeve/Shaft
I/we have studied the legal terms of Stoplik & agree with it.